01670 772 469 or 07772 905 729 info@spottidog.co.uk

“I use Mike’s pet taxi service as I do not drive, to take my rather boisterous English Springer Spaniel Max to the vets. Mike provides an excellent reliable transport service. If by any chance I cannot go to the vets due to work commitments, Mike will come and pick max up take him to the vets for me. He gives me a precise report from the vets on max’s treatment etc. for me it is a godsend knowing Max is in very capable hands. He is not the easiest dog to handle. An excellent dog handler and so calm with Max. For instance Max cut his foot quite badly and would require stitches so an instant trip to the vets was needed. Mike was there for us and with no prior booking as it was an emergency, he went that extra mile to help AND took Max to vets for follow up treatment when I was unable to go. Max does not have the opportunity to travel in a vehicle very often but Mike’s careful driving skills and quiet manner has boosted Max’s confidence as at one point I could not get Max into a car at all. Now max, as soon as he sees Mike he is straight into his van THREE CHEERS for Mike. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike for his excellent service and his great skills in dog handling and someone I can trust to look after Max

Margaret owner of Max


“Hi Mike – a big thank you from Dennis for his great holiday. It was reassuring knowing Dennis was living with you in your house as part of the family and there’s no doubt he regards it as a second home! He arrived back happy, healthy and relaxed. We would definitely recommend Spotti Dog. Rob & Niki Murdoch, Felmoor Park.”

Robin & Niki Owner of Dennis


“Mike could not be more helpful or caring when we entrust Nelson our Lakeland Terrier to his care. We have never put any of our dogs in kennels so it was a big decision but Mike re assured us and was instantly Nelsons friend! Mike is meticulous in his preparation to ensure that Nelsons every need is catered for and his daily routine is continued as far as possible. Mike is more than accommodating around his customers and tis is often to the expense of his own family arrangements. He is reliable and there is no where else I would send Nelson to be looked after. A definite Home from Home for your pet!!”

Val & Mike Owners of Nelson


“My dogs Saphie and Belle were very happy staying with spotti dog man, Mike. he sent photos and videos of the girls to show us how happy they both were.Fabulous service altogether for the girls, picking up and dropping off, getting to meet Hugo and William (mikes dogs) and living in the house with them was just perfect.”

Karen Owner of "Saphie and Belle


“We have been using Mike @ Spottidog for about 18 months since we moved up to Northumberland and, without doubt, he is the best professional we’ve experienced in looking after Jazzy, our cat. She is a rescued feral and remains very wary of all humans, so we had some concerns about having someone completely different to look after her. Needn’t have worried – Mike got cuddles from her almost as soon as he started!! Mike’s one of those who’s a natural with any animal; we don’t have to think twice about booking him in as we book our holiday, as we know she’s in safe hands.”

Anita & Paul Owner of Jazzy Cat


“We used Mike to look after Bob our cavapoo while we were staying in our holiday cottage in Northumberland for two weeks. As no dogs were allowed on our cottage premises we had an arrangement with Mike that he would look after Bob in the evenings and overnight aswell as some days of our holiday. Mike was extremely reliable when dropping Bob off in the mornings. Bob was clearly happy staying at Mikes as there was never any issue dropping Bob off in the afternoon and he was always very happy to go. I felt very comfortable from my first meeting with Mike as I could tell he was very experienced with dogs and Bob would be well cared for. I would highly recommend Mike’s services.”

Carole owner of Bob


“Mike has been helping me to look after my three dogs for a year and a half now. I was initially concerned to use a dog sitter walker that my dogs didn’t know really well, as two of them are German Shepherds and are quite “guardy’. I had no need to worry as they love Mike! Mike is very kind and quiet, which instantly puts them at ease. He follows instructions left very well, bet he’s not so well trained at home! Mike always puts the dogs and their care before his own personal life and has frequently made emergency visits to keep my dogs safe and well, when I have been delayed. I was recently admitted to hospital from work, and he dropped everything personal so he could fit in several visits to feed, exercise and sit with my dogs, until friends took them to their home as I was staying in hospital. He also keeps an eye on the house, so I feel very reassured by his visits. If there are any problems with the dogs’ health wise, or just a slight change in their behavior, Mike always lets me know. Very importantly, I trust Mike totally, in every way. I know that, HE knows that my dogs like him to sit with them as well as walk and feed them, so I can concentrate at work instead of worrying about them. I would certainly recommend Mike to anyone, but particularly to people with German Shepherds.”

B owner of Josh, Kizhe & Jet


“Mike is a fantastic companion for our 6 month old boxer puppy Livi. He takes her for walks, plays with her and feeds/toilets her on our long days at work. It is a great comfort to know that our ‘baby’ is cared for. Mike has not been with us long but came highly recommended by our pet suppliers and his other clients. Mike is trustworthy, reliable, good at what he does and reports back to us for peace of mind and reassurance. We feel 100% at rest knowing he is with her and that we aren’t bad ‘doggy parents’ by leaving her in capable hands. Mike earned respect from Livi the day he came to meet her and we knew she immediately warmed to him. He also has in a short space of time changed her terrible lead behaviour of jumping/eating her lead! We would thoroughly recommend Mike to anyone needing someone to look after their pet and we would be happy to give a verbal/ written reference.Mike is a life saver and certainly makes our long days at work feel a lot shorter without worrying about our puppy. Choose Mike!”

Clare & Brent (livi's mum & dad)


“Mike looked after our cat tia while we were on holiday, not only is he very kind and patient with all animals but also very trustworthy, you need not worry at all while Mike is looking after your pet they are in safe hands. If you are considering using a pet walker/sitter then you should choose Mike.”

Abi owner of Tia


Mike did a fabulous job with our nervous Yorkshire Terrier, Beano. He accommodated us at short notice and his calm demeanour left us very reassured that Beano would be fine. The fact that Mike texted to let us know that Beano had spent most of the time on his lap and at the end of his bed was very helpful and tells you this is more than a kennel.

In short, we were delighted with the calm and professional service and obvious caring for our little dog.

We would recommend his service very highly to anyone looking for top quality care for their pets.

Barbara Owner of "Beano"


“Would recommend MIke to anyone who needs their dog looking after. He gives a brilliant service and your dog returns better behaved! What more could you want?!”

Thea, owner of Cleo


“We needed a dog-sitter for our family dog, Rosie. She was a rescue dog from Claremont Road and we put her in kennels years ago for holidays, but we thought she deserved something more luxurious this year. Spotti Dog was recommended and we were certainly impressed by the website. We phoned and were immediately struck by Mike’s organisational skills. He suggested we bring Rosie to meet him and his own well-behaved, placid and good-natured dogs.


I’ll be honest: Rosie is a lovely dog, but she is not the most socialised or even the best behaved in new situations. Mike was extremely welcoming and very calm: he understands dog behaviour and has a clear methodology. He judged Rosie to be within his capabilities and we booked her in for a few nights.


Understandably, it took Rosie a little while to settle, but Mike went to great lengths to accommodate her in his house, even putting her bed by his! Mike does all this without complaint – he clearly loves dogs. Mike sent messages and photos of Rosie looking very content; so we were able to relax completely knowing that Rosie was in the best hands.

When we collected Rosie she was obviously pleased to see us, but she was calmer than we expected. She settled without fuss back in our home, having obviously had a very pleasant holiday herself!


We cannot recommend Spotti a Dog highly enough. Mike is very organised and professional; we have complete trust in his abilities to look after our treasured pet. We shall be asking if he can accommodate Rosie again – no question!”

Tim, Owner of Rosie


Mike looked after my adopted cat Archie for two weeks. I found Mike to be extremely caring and consciousness.  Thanks Mike for locating Archies toy mouse and helping with his fear of cat flaps!  You really put my mind at ease when I was away…I will be calling you again.

Dorothy, owner of Archie


Our gorgeous girl Sasha has enjoyed several stays with Mike at Spottidog. This is a first class service! Sasha enjoys all the comforts of home, including lots of individual care and attention. As owners we’ve been kept in touch with regular texts, photos and videos which I’ve found reassuring when we’ve left our girl for a couple of weeks. I would recommend Spottidog to anyone looking for a professional and caring service for their dog.

Barbara and Bryce - Owners of Sasha


It was clear on first visiting Mike and his lovely dogs that Mike would provide a calm, home away from home for my greyhound, Cass. On our return Cass was very relaxed and had clearly been allowed to make herself feel at home! It was lovely not having to worry about her while we were on holiday. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mike as a dog sitter and will be remembering his details for our next trip!

Sam - Owner of Cass


Having had a negative experience with a boarding kennel I was very anxious at the thought of leaving my 2 pugs with anyone, meaning no holidays for us as a family..however when a friend of mine mentioned Mike at spottidog and the care he had offered her dog I felt that maybe I had found a place that offered a home from home experience for my furbabies.. I was still anxious though..

All I can say is I wish I had been introduced earlier to spottidog.. my pugs stayed with mike for 2 nights.. they went into his home and immediately settled. On leaving them I felt happy knowing they would be treat like they do at home..

Mike kept me updated throughout my time away and even sent me pictures reassuring me they had continued to be happy and settled.

On collecting my dogs they were happy to see me however they continued to roam around Mike’s home as thought they lived there.. it was a pleasure to see this as I knew they had been treat well given their presentation..

I would highly recommend Spottidog and will most definitely be using the home boarding service again.

Thanks again Mike



I booked our wedding at Le Petit Chateau for December 2017 and needed someone to have our 2 dogs for a few nights.The venue was over an hour from where we live so I did a lot of research online trying to find someone local to venue who I would feel confident leaving our 2 dogs with.

That’s when I come across Mike’s website and after reading through tons of recommendations I decided to contact him.
From the start Mike was very helpful, informative and most importantly came across very friendly.We arranged a pre-stay visit with Mike and we took our 2 dogs, Dolly and Layla to meet him, along with his wife and their dogs.

I could tell straight away our dogs would be more than happy staying with Mike and his family and that put me at ease. He lives in the countryside in a gorgeous area with lots of lovely places to walk the dogs which I know Dolly would love! He is very knowledgeable and you can clearly see he has a lot of love and time for the dogs.

As an added bonus he was more than happy to bring our dogs up to our venue on the day of the wedding so they could play a special part in our day. He even dressed them in the little outfits provided and took responsibility for them at the venue when we were not able too. This was something that meant so much to me and my now husband. Our 2 dogs are family to us and we couldn’t of imagined the day without them. We had some gorgeous pictures taken with them that I will treasure forever and this is all down to Mike going above and beyond.

He kept us up to date with texts of what Dolly and Layla had been getting up to which was reassuring and he even let them sleep in bed with him. When we went to pick Dolly and Layla up they didn’t seem in the slightest bit bothered about seeing us as they were having far too much fun.

If I ever require a dog sitter again up in Northumberland, Mike will be the first person I contact.Thank you so much again Mike! Love Mr & Mrs Connor, Dolly and Layla x

Connor, Dolly and Layla


Asta stayed with Mike and Arlene whilst we went on a holiday to France for a week in July 2018. It was the first time Asta our German Short Haired Pointer cross Visla had been away from home and I was very sad we could not take her with us. We ruled out kennels as we thought she would not like the environment. Asta is a loving family dog and needs to have a lot of exercise and human company to ensure she is happy. With her being our first dog we had also indulged her and allowed her free access to our home and to whatever bed she choose to sleep on. Asta is also mad on balls and barks to initiate and ensure she has her playtime. We therefore thought it was a big ask to expect the same quality of care Asta has from us. However Mike reassured us after our initial visit where Asta left us immediately to inspect the garden and Mike’s home whilst we talked . Asta got on well with Mike and Arlene’s two dogs who are very friendly. They have a beautiful home and garden situated in a small rural village on the outskirts of Morpeth and have access to woodland to walk Asta.

During Asta’s stay Mike administered Asta’s flea and tick and other daily medication. Mike also sent regular updates and messaged me and sent video’s of what Asta was upto. Asta ended up sleeping in their bedroom on her blanket as she is used to this at home and meant they did not get a disturbed nights sleep. Mike was also very friendly and obliging. We had missed Asta so much we came to collect her at 10.30pm when we had driven back from the airport. I would highly recommend Mike as he provided 5 star care and was very attentive to Asta.


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